January 26, 2010

The Pro Bowl joke

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

In case you haven’t noticed, the Pro Bowl is next week — in between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl — for the first time ever. This is causing some roster problems. First of all, you can’t play in the game if you’re playing in the Super Bowl, so that eliminates, by default, the best players from the best teams.

So, tell me how is this a true all-star game? If this was supposed to be the solution to solving interest, it’s not working. Maybe they should consider scrapping the game altogether. Or at least consider playing it in the pre-season, when players are the freshest. Don’t you think that the annual Hall of Fame game would be a lot better if it was the stars from the previous season playing instead of mostly scrubs?

Anyways, due to injuries and Super Bowl casualties, a shocking eight QBs from the AFC can claim they were chosen for the Pro Bowl this season. Tom Brady and Philip Rivers were voted in, but can’t play because of injuries. Next up was Carson Palmer and Ben Roethlisberger turning down their chances, before Vince Young and Matt Schaub stepped up. After Peyton Manning’s Colts advanced to the Super Bowl, that counted him out and brought in David Garrard, the eighth best QB in the conference, apparently. What a joke the process of picking the three best QBs became. Who was next? Ryan Fitzpatrick or Bruce Gradkowski?

On the NFC side, the Cowboys and Eagles now have nine players each going to the Pro Bowl. Did nobody notice that both these squads were embarrassed in the playoffs? Well, again, with the top two QBs in the conference out with and injury (Favre) or another obligation (Brees), you always turn to the two biggest names that you’ve got (Romo and McNabb).

Talking about how many people duck out of the all-star showcase because of injuries, the Jets’ Shaun Ellis is going to play with a broken hand. If you remember the past two games that he’s been in, he has had a hand that was bandaged and taped up and even looked like a wrecking ball instead of a hand. Maybe he should look into that surgery he needs instead of playing in Miami. How are the Jets okay with this?

Finally, for the first time in his 12 year career, London Fletcher is a Pro Bowler. For a guy who has never missed a game and is the leading tackler of the past decade, this honour is long overdue.

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