February 3, 2010

Those crazy Scots

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

Not to make light of a crime or something that could have potentially hurt someone, but when the police call someone’s car being light on fire, “willful fireraising,” that gets me to chuckle.

American soccer player DaMarcus Beasley had his BMW set on fire outside of his Glasgow, Scotland, home on Monday. It really goes to show how much Europeans care about their football and their rivalries. When was the last time that a Patriots fan went to Indy and set Peyton Manning’s car on fire? Never, because as serious as we, as North Americans, take our sports, Europeans take their football even more seriously.

We could learn a thing or two about the folks who passionately attend soccer games. They cheer the entire game, sing songs and pay attention to the field, not their BlackBerrys or the video boards. They don’t need JumboTrons or cheerleaders to tell them when to react. Sure, Euros may take it a bit far in the case of the wilful fireraising of Beasley’s BMW, but at least it was a sign that some rival fans cared enough about their own club to find an opponent and try to psych him out.

The worst that an American has done in recent memory was dump some garbage on a guy’s lawn. And that was by his own fans.

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