February 4, 2010

Celtic problems?

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

For a team that seemed like a brotherhood more than a basketball team as little as a year ago, it should be quite worrisome that a member of the Boston Celtics has come out and said there are issues in the locker room. This was a team that was united by, what ESPN columnist Bill Simmons would call “The secret.” – that there is more to basketball than basketball.

When people start making their own agendas and the squad is splintered into factions, there’s no way that you’re firing at 100%. When character guys are replaced by free agents who might not be fully invested in the cause, there’s no way you’re at 100%. And when guys just want to show that it is more about them the team, you’re nowhere near 100%. Maybe most importantly, when one of your key players – who might have been shopped around in the off-season – is outwardly complaining about team chemistry, there might be one hell of a problem.

With trade rumours heating up and the deadline fast approaching, the Celtics need to make some moves to revitalize a squad that has gone stale and won’t have a chance at making the Finals in an increasingly tough Eastern Conference. With the Big Three all nursing some sort of injury and Rondo clearly not feeling at home and Rasheed acting like Rasheed, a deal needs to be done to bring in some fresh blood and shake things up. It’s either that, or play the hand they’ve been dealt and waste a last gasp by the Pierce-Allen-Garnett combo.

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