February 8, 2010

Mardi Gras begins

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

It’s hard not to feel great for the Saints after toppling the Colts, heck, I lost a dollar or two on the game, but still don’t feel too bad about it because the city of New Orleans truly deserved this one. After everything they’ve been through, they now have their title and Mardi Gras can get under way. Yes, they even delayed a semi-religious event because there was a feeling that the Saints could be something special this season. If that wasn’t a sign of destiny, I’m not sure what was.

The key moment of the game was one of the ballsiest calls that I can remember: The onside kick to start the second half. The thing about it that gets to me is that I believe that had the Colts won the opening coin toss, Sean Payton would have called that to open the game instead of the half. What a great gamble by a calculating coach. Sure, it would be very easy to rip him apart had the Saints not recovered it, but kudos would still be given because of the guts it took.

Also, the Peyton Manning face has returned. After an entire season of showing off a new and improved version of himself, Manning regressed at the worst time possible. Instead being the cold, calculated killer, he was the same guy who tried to force throws instead of letting reads come to him. The interception that sealed the game was a throw that even Mark Sanchez wouldn’t have tried to make. Manning is going to be hearing about this game all summer and whether that makes him stronger, who knows, but consider this: His receiver core is only going to be better next year with Anthony Gonzalez returning from injury and with the young guns, Collie and Garcon, having this experience under their belts.

Really, the only thing more disappointing than Peyton Manning and his futile attempts to solve the Saints defence was The Who’s performance during half time. I understand that the organizers want family-friendly bands playing after the whole Janet Jackson debacle, but haven’t enough years passed since we say her breast live on television? I won’t be surprised to get a much younger, top of the line performer at next year’s event. Remember, it is taking place at Dallas and Jerry Jones isn’t one to play it conservative.

So, now, we all have to sit and wait for next season, a very long seven months away. At least March Madness is around the corner and not long after that, the draft. But still, there won’t be much hangover from this game, unless you’re Peyton Manning that is.

This week: 0-1
This playoffs: 3-8
This season: 138-101-4

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  1. Was Peyton Manning that bad to throw two interceptions at critical times! Or was he part of a larger conspiracy to let the Saints win. Manning and family are from Louisiana and Peyton already has a Super Bowl ring…. so draw your conclusions. Ill advised passes or conspiracy theory.
    And yes THE WHO did not deserve to play at half time, bring back the punt pass and kick competition for high schoolers. Would have been more fun to watch

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