February 10, 2010

A startling trend

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

I was really hoping that it would end after the first occurrence, but in this day and age, that was probably a bit too foolishly naive. No, it looks like NBA players aren’t done exposing themselves.

About a week after naked pictures of perpetually injured Greg Oden surfaced on the web, Spurs guard George Hill leaked the same. Because what the world needs is more pictures on the internet of big, black penises.

Do these guys not realize that with an internet landscape full of blogs, social networks and instant news sources, that if any sort of scandalous picture is posted somewhere, it’s bound to be a lead on ESPN the within a few hours?

Shouldn’t David Stern have a word with these guys and maybe impose some fines? As commissioner, Stern hasn’t allowed a lot to slide that will give the league negative PR and isn’t this a good example of something that needs to be corrected? If he believes players should be good role models and aware of their actions, he should at least throw a minimal fine at players exposing themselves.

Let’s put it this way: If a player were offered to do Playgirl, wouldn’t Stern have a heart attack and try to block the shoot? How are leaked penile pictures any different – if anything, severely worse – than that?

In summation, something has to be done to keep the threat of innocent, young basketball fans finding pictures of their favourite players naked and I’m quite surprised that nothing has. Way to drop the balls, Stern.

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