February 16, 2010

Why the Raiders are terrible

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Since their Super Bowl loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs back in 2003, the Oakland Raiders have been the butt end of every joke in the NFL. They’ve bungled trades, free agent signings and draft picks; in our words, every personnel decision possible.

Last off-season they gave their lone star Nnamdi Asomugha the richest contract that a cornerback has ever seen, then he dropped off the plateau he was on. They also made their punter, Shane Lechler, the richest punter in the history of the game. It doesn’t matter if these guys were good at what they do, or even great at times, they’re still not worthy of being lavished with biggest contracts ever.

Well, this off-season is less than 10 days old and Al Davis is at it again: He has signed his kicker, who has had off-field problems, to the richest contract that a kicker has ever received. I never could have believed that a team would willingly tie up about $7 million per year in their special teams – not even including returners and aces – but if I had to guess which one it would be, Oakland fits that incompetence description to a ‘T’.

I’m not sure how much longer this can possibly go on, but somebody has to step up and tell Al Davis that maybe it’s time for him to step away from running the team. I’m not saying he has to sell the team, but how about naming a GM or personnel director? The fans that have been loyal to his franchise for many fruitless years deserve as much.

Al, for the sanity of Raiders Nation, please step down.

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