March 19, 2010

Day two of the Madness

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Well, it will be damn hard to top day one of the NCAA tournament, but it’s not like there isn’t potential. While I won’t guarantee that today’s “liveblog” will be as constant as yesterday’s, we can try.

2:57 – Forgot to mention, after surviving last night with my New Mexico pick, I’m going with Maryland as my suicide pick. Was thinking about Wisconsin and Texas A&M but would rather take Wisc next round and a five seed is too risky these days.

2:40 -  Can you really call Siena an underdog if nearly everyone in the nation is rooting for them? There’s a lot of “Nobody believed in us” potential for Purdue with Hummel out.

2:35 – During their setup for the Purdue-Siena game, CBS’s top players graphic had Robert Hummel in it for the Boilermakers. Did someone forget to tell them that he’s out with a blown knee? What a fail.

2:16 – Cornell and WVU both crushing their competition. When a 10-point game (Minn-Xavier) is the best you’ve got, it’s not exactly a good start after a banner day.

1:48 – I write that and Cornell hits a three followed by Temple botching a layup.

1:47 – Cornell-Temple starting to get interesting. By that, I mean Temple is starting to play like a team “that felt they were underseeded at 5.”

1:23 – I thought they staggered games purposely so that we weren’t stuck with every game at the half at the same time? Well here comes our blowout of the session to kick things back off. Morgan State is no Robert Morris.

12:57 – Oh my God. Could we please never see a closeup of Minnesota cheerleaders? There was enough ugly there to break the nation’s HD tuners.

12:50 – Disaster averted? WVU goes on a big run to take the lead 22-21.

12:48 – Here’s another indicator of how awesome Thursday’s games were: Five double-digit seeds won, there was more OT games than there was all of last year’s tourney and Baylor and St. Mary’s won their first tourney games since 1950 and ‘59 respectively.

12:45 – When you say that Temple feels they were underseeded at 5, you might want to inform them so they play better than that 12 seed they’re facing.

12:40 – I’m still in awe over how great last night’s late games were. New Mexico winning the last game of the night in close fashion was a solid way to end the day. There were only four blowouts yesterday out of the 16 games and one, Butler, was close for the entire first half before UTEP pooped the bed. And speaking of pooping the bed, don’t even get me started on Georgetown. Ugh.

12:26 – What a great way to start the day. In the first five minutes of the first game, another No. 2 seed that I have going far is struggling. West Virginia misses their first 9 field goal attempts to start down 10-0.

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