April 5, 2010

McNabb to the Skins

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

During the busiest sports week of the season, where the NFL is the only of the four major sports not currently playing — plus there’s The Masters, NASCAR, F-1 and the NCAA tournament finale — the league still managed to make itself front page news.

It takes a big name to steal the spotlight from Tiger Woods, Alex Ovechkin, LeBron James and Coach K, but when a superstar QB is traded to a division rival, well that’s almost as big as you can get.

For some reason, the Eagles thought that it would be a good idea to deal their Pro Bowl QB within their own division to a team that was really one of the QB-neediest squads out there. What the Redskins get in McNabb is a great regular season QB who might not be great in clutch situations, but can often get his team far enough ahead in games to avoid them.

While it’s understandable why Philly wanted to make the deal and give Kevin Kolb a legitimate shot at running this team, the destination makes no sense. Are we really supposed to believe that the Redskins’ offer was anything better than the Raiders would have given them? And why would you want to face your former franchise cornerstone twice a season when it’s avoidable?

The Eagles decision to move McNabb, by itself, is alright. The team that they gave him to is not.


  1. Let the debate begin!

  2. Interesting.. never cared much for Mcnabb but even I can see this trade is big, and will greatly improve the Redskins they are just a piece of two from being a super bowl contender. It is just amazing to see the Eagles to trade within their division to a rival much less. crazy in my opinion, but we will see.

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