April 6, 2010

Duke denies Butler’s dream

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Sure, the Duke Blue Devils and Coach K may have beaten but I have a huge what-if from the final 13 seconds of the game: What if Hayward hits that miraculous half court shot? Would it go down in the biggest shot in NCAA history? This may just be short-term-hyperbole since it happened last night, but I think it would be the greatest ever.

Think about it: If that shot goes in instead of hitting the backboard, rim and then out, a No. 5 seed would complete their Cinderella story while in their hometown, all while toppling a No. 1. Even better they would have beaten Duke, who is famous themselves because of Christian Laettner’s last-second catch and shoot.

But even with the grand miss at the end, this game was a lot more exciting than people perhaps thought it would be. After all, the betting line did skew up to Duke being favoured by 7.5. I guess even in a tournament highlighted by the amount of upsets, most people weren’t buying that it could happen.

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