April 21, 2010

An open letter to D. McNabb

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Dear Donovan McNabb,

What are you thinking?

You were recently traded to an inferior division rival after spending many successful seasons with one of the best organizations in football. You were hung out to dry by your former organization because, while you were a terrific regular season quarterback, you couldn’t lead your team to win the big games.

Now, as a member of a team that won four games last season, largely because of inadequate quarterbacking, you have gone off and made a ridiculous pitch to bring aboard a guy that was credited with derailing your previous team for an entire season.

Do you seriously want Terrell Owens back in your life?

This is the man that single-handedly destroyed the Eagles’ chemistry and forced players to take sides; either his or yours. He could be seen, on a regular basis, chewing you out on the sidelines, questioning your ability to play and even saying that you vomited during the biggest drive of your life, during the Super Bowl.

You and T.O. had one of the most public breakups of any teammate combination in recent memory. Never did two people who rely on each other on field, have such a perceived hatred off the field.

And this isn’t the same T.O. on the field any more, either. With Buffalo last season, he was largely invisible out there and hardly made an impact. He put up his lowest numbers since his rookie season, if you discount the 2005 season, when he was suspended by his/your team for being a certified locker-room cancer.

You can bring up all you want about the Redskins gawd-awful receiving core, but adding cancer to an already weak base is no way to go about things. Only a team with a strong makeup can take in troubled players and strive with them.

Look at how a mentally strong team like New England operates. They can take a Randy Moss and not worry about him being a destructive force in the locker room because coach Belichick will always step up and ground him.

Do you honestly think this will work out in Washington? I can’t think of any level that signing Owens will work out for the best.

At least if this preposterous signing happens, Redskins fans will be forced to endure what their division rivals have already gone through: Talking themselves into his on-field play, defending his poor locker-room antics and ultimately, wanting him out the door.

Do you really want to have the fans of your new team hate you already? Do you?

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