April 30, 2010

Big D disappointment

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

The big D in Dallas stood for disappointment after last night’s Game 6 against the cross-state Spurs. The Mavericks set a record by being the first team to lose a seven-game series to a seventh-seeded team. This bold defeat comes on the heels of also becoming the first No. 1 seed to lose to an eighth seed.

So what’s wrong with the Mavs? Did their finals loss to the Heat a few years ago simply cripple them? Are they not gamey enough to compete with less supposed lesser foes? Is having such a hands-on owner actually a detriment to their team?

It’s very difficult to answer all, if any of these questions, but I think one thing is for certain now: The Jason Kidd trade was a bad deal.

Kidd for Devin Harris and two No. 1 picks was debated on at the time whether it would bring another shot at the championship to Dallas. That hasn’t happened and in three seasons, the Mavericks have a series win-loss record of 1-3. Would this team be any better with Harris manning the point over Kidd? Maybe, maybe not? But would it have been worse in the playoffs? It’s hard to say no.

Maybe trading your young gun for an aging point guard isn’t the best maneuver. Now, Marc Cuban has some rebuilding to do. Maybe bring in one of those premier free agents.

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