May 3, 2010

LeBron, the obvious choice

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Well, what did you think would happen? LeBron James was by far and away the most valuable player in the NBA this season and he was rewarded for that sentiment on teh weekend. While it was never in question whether King James would win the award, there was some doubt about if it would be a unanimous choice: It was not.

In fact, James came up seven first-place votes short of the sweep, losing four to Kevin Durant and three to Dwight Howard, who should have never figured into the situation.

Durant is a fair choice to be number two on the ballot; coming off of the LAL-OKC series, anybody can see why. But should he have garnered the first-place votes?

This should have been a clean sweep for the player that is not only clearly the most valuable to his team and to the league, but also the best player out there. Durant may have had a higher scoring average, but he was certainly no LeBron James.

I can already see it shaping up next year. LeBron will be playing wherever he is, still dominating, but since he has now won the award twice in a row, voters will stupidly want to “change things up.”

Look at what happened to Steve Nash. He won two MVPs in a row, then in the third season, when he was having a better campaign than the previous two, he lost out to Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk, of course, promptly got his Mavericks bounced in the first round by Golden State. Really? That was your NBA MVP?

Enter Kevin Durant, the sizzling young scorer who just keeps getting better, but now his team is no longer the eighth seed, they’re in the top four of the west. Wouldn’t you want to vote for a chiq pick like that instead of boring, old LeBron – who possibly just sold out Cleveland?

Yeah, I thought you would. Remember this when it goes down next May.

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