May 12, 2010

Jays-Phillies series moved

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

As if the Toronto Blue Jays needed to handle any more hardship.

An outrage has been perpetrated onto citizens of Toronto and fans of the Blue Jays. Never have I seen a series be moved mid-season for anything other than a natural disaster. Like when the Dodgers were forced to play on the road after an earthquake or when the Marlins couldn’t play in Miami due to a hurricane.

But moving the interleague series between the Jays and the Phillies to Philadelphia is a downright travesty. Fans that could have seen the return of Roy Halladay, one of, if not the best, Jays pitcher that there has been.

After Doc’s off-season trade, many fans had circled the June 24-26 series as an opportunity to watch their former love. That won’t be happening now though, at least in Toronto.

Because of the G20 summit and the security issues that it is causing, those three games will now be home games on the road for the Jays. Yes, those games in Philly will be counted as home contests for the Jays, only I’m sure they won’t be getting any of the gate funds. So fans in Philly will be treated to watch “their Jays” bat last and see both sides use the DH.

The shocking thing about this move is that it shows the incredible lack of foresight by the league when drafting up its schedule. How could they not look ahead and see an event like this also occurring during that series? And how could the team not point out the summit during the original draft of the schedule?

Whatever the reason that this was originally overlooked, Jays fans are getting a huge screw job and hopefully next year, the poor fans of this franchise will get an opportunity to see Doc again.

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