May 13, 2010

An award for a cheater

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

So can Houston Texans linebacker/ PED user Brian Cushing now call himself a two-time defensive rookie of the year winner? After much ado over nothing, it now seems, a revote took place for the Associated Press’ award and, even if it wasn’t as big of a victory for Cushing as before.

Apparently, even after a positive test for PED use, Cushing was able to secure 18 first-place votes over Jairus Byrd’s 13 and Clay Matthews’ 12.

It’s nice to see that voters have some sort of conscious, as over half of the voters who had chosen Cushing the first time around, picked someone else the second time. Too bad they all picked somebody different this time around and the “clean” suitors for the award split the votes and allowed Cushing to retain.

What I don’t get is why he was even on the ballot? He was caught with a positive test during the season, should that not have disqualified him? By calling for the revote, AP has admitted that they obviously weren’t happy with Cushing testing positive and winning the rookie of year, so why not go the extra step and take him off the ballot?

It seems to me like AP didn’t want to rock the boat too much and because of that, a man who broke the rules was rewarded for it.

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