May 17, 2010

NHL scheduling idiocy

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

If it involves idiocy in a “major” league sport, it’s more than likely that the NHL is the culprit. Well, when it gets into this stage of the playoffs, with only two series going on, it should be fairly easily to coordinate things so that you have a game going every night.

Well, when the NHL drew things up for their conference championship series, they really dropped the ball. Not only did both the East and West finals start on a Sunday, competing with a huge NBA series opener no less, but now there’s a day off before both Game 2s.

Why not do things the right way and have the series played on alternating nights? That would keep the league’s exposure up and people interested on a daily basis. So instead of getting Antti Niemi robbing the Sharks of a Game 1 win on one night, then the Flyers absolutely beating down the Canadiens the next, both were stacked up a poor sports day and now fans are forced to sit and wait.

Maybe the conspiracy theory is true; maybe Gary Bettman is a plant by David Stern to keep the NHL down and helping the NBA always look better by comparison. Bettman was one of Stern’s underlings back in the day and the league has fallen to great depths during his reign.

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