May 18, 2010

Poor Germany

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

It’s not too often that we pity the Germans, you know, after those two wars and all, but now might be a great time.

During the last game of the English football schedule, Chelsea’s Michael Ballack took a strong, late tackle and injured his ankle. He’ll be out at least eight weeks, leaving him out of contention to play for Germany at this summer’s World Cup.

This leaves Germany without their captain and a key piece to their midfield. Ballack may have been getting up there in age – he’s 33 now – but he still plays a vital role in their lineup.

Now, Germany needs a new captain and a new defensive specialist in the midfield. Whether or not those roles can be filled by the remaining squad will be a huge question for Ze Germans.

One of the kids on roster will have to step up and play like a Ballack for Germany to have any hope of winning their fourth World Cup.

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