May 21, 2010

Floyd Landis: What a dope

by Dan Bilicki In: Uncategorized

So apparently it’s news now that a guy who was caught cheating has admitted that he’s a cheater? Well, not really, but now he’s hurling accusations around the already seedy world of professional cycling.

What he’s done, at this time is just plain dumb. Does he really care so little about damaging the sport that made him famous? I just think he wants to see his name in the headlines.

Now cycling, which has just started to build back its reputation after the first wave of PED stories, has its back against the wall again. Not that we really care about cycling – other than the yearly Tour de France -  but  I, for one am just sick of any of these retread stories. Look, he was busted before and had to forfeit his Tour title. Lance Armstrong has faced his accusers before and he overcame that. Why do we need to do this again for something that means so little to us?

Let’s just hope he goes away, never to be heard of again. If for no other reason than to keep me and sports writers everywhere, from having to write about this dope ever again.

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