May 25, 2010

Cape Verde 0, Portugal 0

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

So, with mere weeks to go before the start of World Cup 2010, how confident could anybody be with Portugal right now? On Monday, they could only manage a scoreless draw against Cape Verde Islands, which I actually challenge you to guess where it is on a globe.

It’s not like this game was a true exhibition either, the Portuguese did put out their best lineup and Cristiano Ronaldo played the entire 90 minutes. Deco and Nani were out there two, but still, no dice.

Portugal has little time to get into top form and a waste of a game like this only hurts their chance in South Africa.

The two biggest concerns from this team I have now are quite shocking:

If Ronaldo and Portugal can’t score against Cape Verde, how in the world are they going to score against group mates Brazil and Ivory Coast. Heck, this sort of effort could make you believe that North Korea may even have a shot at gaining a point.

If Portugal can’t come up with a better effort than this on home soil, how will it fare thousands of miles south?

If I wasn’t already thinking that Ronaldo and Co. wouldn’t make it out of the group stage, I am definitely feeling that way now.


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