June 29, 2010

Those “lucky” Jays

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

I’m really not sure that enough has been made of this: The Toronto Blue Jays were just recently forced to play three “home” games in Philadelphia. Whether or not you have issues with the G20 summit in Toronto, the protesters that flocked there, the over-the-top security measures that only riled up people more or the fact that a place actually volunteered to house that garbage, it is over and done with and quite frankly, I’m glad I wasn’t there to witness any of the travesties perpetrated on anyone.

But enough about the stupid people who felt like ruining things for others. Because of the Summit, the Jays were in Philadelphia this past weekend, where I happened to be on Thursday actually.

Even better, I had the opportunity to visit Citizens Bank Park and watch the Phillies host the Indians the day before the Jays hosted the Phillies there.

All I can really say about the fact that this was the Jays’ “home” for three days is this: They should feel privileged. Not only will those three games likely be the three highest “home” attendances that the Jays rake in this season, but the ball park itself is stunning. Its’ design is astonishing with a lot of open areas and patio-style areas to sit and enjoy the game. There is an air-conditioned Diamond Club area that can really be almost necessary when temperatures hit the triple-digits, like they did this past Thursday.

Heck, the Blue Jays should feel lucky to say their home had real grass, instead of their next-gen Astroturf that they trotted out this year.

The only thing that fans actually in Toronto missed out on was the return of Roy Halladay, once the city’s brightest star across all of sports. As great as it would be to see Doc return to the Rogers Centre, I’m sure that he doesn’t miss it a bit. He has finally landed on a team talented enough to contend and he shouldn’t be looking back now.

The only people that will be looking back are Jays supporters wishing their former ace was still around, even if the current motley crew has the team over .500. But, whatever you few people out there do, don’t blame the Jays or even Major League Baseball. The blame for this idiocy should be focused on the retarded G20 organizers and the equally intellectual protestors.

Way to ruin everything guys. Thanks.

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