July 5, 2010

NBA free agency mania

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

If there is one big thing that takes the wind out of this “Summer of LeBron” sweepstakes thing, it’s that while the contest began on July 1, nobody can actually sign until July 8. What kind of rule is that? Anyway, there’s a whole lot talking going on and not a lot of action.

That is slowly changing though, and it’s going for the worst. Just look at what the Hawks have offered Joe Johnson and what the Grizzlies offered Rudy Gay. Heck, even Darko is now a $5-million per season player now.

Gay is certainly not an $80-million player, just ask anyone who has seen Memphis play. This situation will probably play out like how Andre Igoudala’s is in Philly – not well. With the NBA’s cap system the way that it is, overpaying a guy who doesn’t deserve it can cripple a franchise.

Then there’s Johnson’s contract, which could be one of the worst ever signed. $119 million over six seasons will absolutely destroy the Hawks. This is a player that couldn’t lead his team past the second round of the playoffs the past two seasons and looked especially bad when he got there too. He’s a regular season star that will have the prefix “super” behind the title.

Spending is getting more out of control than ever. Plus, it seems that everyone has forgotten that there is a lockout looming next summer. These contracts will only contribute to hurting the players’ cause for guaranteed contracts and they will only hurt the owners’ cause for smaller deals. A whole lot of pain is going to come of these silly max contracts.

While the next wave of monstrous max deals for the true superstars on July 8 will certainly be worthy, these first few have been disappointing to say the least.

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