July 7, 2010

South Beach Stars

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Two of the big free agent dominoes have fallen, but the biggest of them all has still yet to go. Yes, as almost everyone had guessed Dwyane Wade is staying in South Beach, and he’s got a big man to help him reclaim the title in Chris Bosh.

This move is great for both players. Wade stays where he’s already won a championship and is a local hero, while Bosh becomes the second banana to a superstar – what should have been his true role from the beginning. It was fairly clear when he was with the Raptors that he wasn’t good to lead a contender to the Promised Land. I just hope that he’s willing to accept the complimentary role that he has seemingly settled for.

Now, all eyes will be on LeBron James tonight, literally. Yes, ESPN has given him an hour-long special in prime time where he will announce the team that he will sign with. While I’m sure many will watch, it really shouldn’t take an hour to say a couple words like, “I’m staying in Cleveland,” or “Miami, here I come!” But I’m sure there will be more to it. If I were to bet on it right now, I’d say that Miami is the favourite, Cleveland is second and Miami is a close third. I’d think it would be around 40-33-27 odds. IT should be riveting television.

Also, on Monday, the Knicks were able to pull in their consolation for seemingly missing out on everyone: Amare Stoudemire. I’m not sure if Amare will help them land LeBron later tonight, but it could help them down the road. Next year Carmelo Anthony will be available and could team up to form quite the dynamic duo in Gotham.

Lastly, there was the worst move of the day on Thursday: The Los Angeles Clippers signed Vinnie Del Negro to coach them. Did they not watch any tape of his Bulls over the past two seasons? The guy was in way over his head and was a detriment to the team. Actually, it might just fit right in with the Clips.

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  1. LeBron in New York makes sense. Cleveland isn’t a big enough town for King James

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