July 19, 2010

Just what golf needed … Not!

by In: Golf

This British Open was precisely what golf needed, and I say that with as much sarcasm as I could possible infuse in that statement.

In the most prestigious tournament that there is, a person that even die-hard fans had probably not even heard of won – and held a nice lead from early on too. Louis Oosthuizen, of South Africa, deserved to win the 139th Open, but it’s not good for the sport.

There was no drama. There was hardly any spectacle. There was a champion that had a name that nobody could pronounce. Is that the recipe for saving a sport that has suffered after the Tiger Woods debacle? I don’t see how it could be.

Even worse, one of the world’s favourite golfers, Phil Mickelson did horribly. There were on American golfers even in contention on the final day. Couple that with GMT tee times and what chance was there that you would wake up to watch this event live on Sunday?

The sport of golf and the PGA need the big names to come through, badly. Either that, or Tiger has to start winning or go into full-on heel mode.

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