August 2, 2010

Summing up the Trade Deadline

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Major League Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline has come and gone. Just like we see every year, some big guys were traded while a lot weren’t. It even seemed a bit slow this year because the further we move into the Twitter era of reporting, the more reporters feel the need to report the littlest of rumours, just to fill space.

Prince Fielder didn’t move. Jose Bautista didn’t move. Jayson Werth didn’t move. So who did then?

— Lance Berkman and Kerry Wood to the Yankees: New York didn’t even have to give up that much to land a declining Berkman, who is destined to be back in Houston when his contract’s up. The former Killer B can be a huge switch-hitting bat for New York and he adds another dimension to an already amazing lineup. Wood has been terrible for a while now, but at least he has late-inning experience.

— Roy Oswalt to the Phillies: Even if his debut didn’t go very well and ended with a minor injury, the deal for Oswalt gives Philly the two best Roys in baseball. With Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt in the rotation, that’s three aces teams will have to deal with.

— Ryan Ludwick and Miguel Tejada to the Padres: San Diego upgraded their lineup and look to stay on top of the NL West. Ludwick is a great, underrated bat and is a big upgrade over some of their current outfielders. Tejada is past his prime, but at worst is still an upgrade. He could play at his former position, SS, or spell Chase Headley at 3B. Headley could also play in the OF if need be.

— Jake Westbrook to the Cardinals: This one is real head-scratcher. Why would they work a deal where they give up a good hitter in Ludwick for a fourth starter? Westbrook is nothing special and the Cards strength was already pitching. What they needed to add was another big bat and instead, they let one go. Befuddling.

— Ted Lilly to the Dodgers: The Cubs aren’t going to do anything this year, so why not trade away an inning-eating lefty? The Dodgers upgrade their rotation with a solid arm.

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