August 13, 2010

The joke’s on you, Brandon

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

It looks like Brandon Marshall doesn’t really read the newspapers or the Internet. The Miami Dolphins wide receiver thinks that, if there is an NFL lockout next season (highly likely), he can simply just strap on his sneakers and play some NBA basketball.

The problem with that is that, like the NFL, the NBA is very likely to be locked out next year too. Has one person ever been locked out of two jobs at the same time? This could be a professional sports first.

Another thing: Can Marshall even ball? He thinks that he’ll immediately be able to step in and play for the Denver Nuggets or Miami Heat, two of the league’s best teams – especially after LeBron decided to become a second fiddle for Dwyane Wade.

Marshall played basketball in high school, but didn’t at college and only thinks he can be a shooting guard in the pros. He says he’ll hire a basketball coach to help him, but he much impact that could have over the course of a few months, who knows.

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