August 19, 2010

This Lee’s no saviour

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Is Derrek Lee even going to help the Braves?

After landing the first baseman from the Cubs for three minor league pitchers, that was the question I was asking.

Lee’s best days are behind him and he’s hitting only .251 so far this season. Even though he has improved since the all-star break, that’s not exactly and encouraging number from a guy who is supposed to help out the NL East leaders in the pennant race. Consider this, Lyle Overbay of the Blue Jays – who has also cleared waivers and can be dealt – is hitting only five points less and is considerably cheaper. That would be cheaper on the wallet and cheaper on the cost to acquire him too.

Sure, the Braves are hurting right now with Chipper Jones sidelined for the rest of the season, all-star Martin Prado still out with a broken pinkie and phenom Jason Heyward nursing a sore knee, but this move won’t be their salvation. With the Phillies getting Chase Utley back and sitting 2.5 games back, more has to be done in the Deep South.

Needless to say, the addition of this Lee to an NL East team won’t have nearly the same impact as last year’s, when Cliff Lee came to Philadelphia and led the Phillies back to the World Series. As it stands now, this is still Philly’s division to lose.

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