August 23, 2010

Harvin’s headaches

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Last week, Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin was carried off the practice field after collapsing and taken to hospital. A migraine attack was at fault, something he has dealt with his whole life. He may have returned the next day, but is he really alright?

This sort of ailment, even if he has dealt with it forever, could be career ended. Could you imagine if something as simple as looking up at the clouds could bring you to your knees, trembling in pain? Harvin is a kick and punt returner too, isn’t staring into the sky 50% of that job? I guess it’s somewhat of a good thing the Vikings play their home games indoors.

But what if this attack had happened during a game?  An unknowing defender could have seriously hurt Harvin, or worse. Doesn’t this sound too risky to have a guy out on that could potentially collapse at a moment’s notice?

I sure the competitor in Harvin will keep him coming back out onto the field, but I’m not so sure if that will ever be the right move. It, sadly, might be time for the electric, young speedster to hang up his cleats. If he doesn’t, this could end with the poor guy in worse pain than the migraines cause him.

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