August 25, 2010

Old man chides teenagers

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

I can just picture it right now: Chan Gailey probably sits on his front porch, sipping some beer and complaining to anyone that will listen about those blasted kids and their rap music. He probably yells at every person you will dare to cut across his grass and when the paper boy’s lob doesn’t quite get his news to the porch, you know there’ll be hell to pay.

Well, yesterday at training camp, he took his show on the road. The Bills new head coach took some after a practice to approach some teens that had been heckling his players – especially quarterback Trent Edwards.

Really, since when is it OK to chastise some fans because they jeered you? Where’s the class that an NFL coach should have? And really, why does he care so much?

I can’t think of another coach who would do such a thing. Even the guys who get the most animated on the sidelines would more than likely brush of a gang of teens.

Maybe Gailey should spend some less time worrying about who’s heckling and worry more about how his team plans to block anyone with that horrid offensive line or who’s going to be the starting QB and RB on opening day.

Leave the kids alone and grow up, Chan.

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