September 8, 2010

The NFL Easts are full of beasts

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

We’ve certainly saved the best for with the final two divisions being the NFC and AFC easts.

Super Bowl XLV hosts, the Dallas Cowboys, were pretty lucky last season with injuries and have been stung a little on the offensive line already. But on offence and defence, there is just too much talent to go around. It will take several key injuries to derail the ‘Boys drive to the playoffs, but I wouldn’t back them actually becoming the first team to be playing in the Super Bowl at home.

Kevin Kolb will put up some great fantasy numbers as the Eagles quarterback, but will he be good enough to lead his team to the playoffs? I find it doubtful, especially with the offensive line protecting him in flux. LeSean McCoy might not be the answer at RB either.

The Redskins heavily upgraded at two key positions: Quarterback and Head Coach. They already play well on defence and should tally a few more wins with even just an average offence. I wouldn’t print playoff tickets yet though. Donovan McNabb was traded within the division and will be fired up whenever he faces the squad that jettisoned him.

The Giants suffered greatly when safety Kenny Phillips went down. I find it very hard to believe a single injury was all it took for an entire unit to be exposed. I’m not so sure that adding some more linemen was the right answer either. And can Eli Manning be called upon to lead an offence based on passing, as opposed to rushing when New York took the Super Bowl? I don’t think so.

Cowboys 10-6
Eagles 9-7
Redskins 8-8
Giants 6-10

Over in the AFC, we have a division that has three powerhouses and a team that could be drafting first overall next year. It’s nearly a guaranteed that the Bills will be bringing up the rear of this group, but at least they’ll get to watch C.J. Spiller try to hit home runs behind an offensive line that can’t block.

The Patriots had a rough schedule last year — the toughest schedule against pass defence since 1993 — and still won 10 games. This season, it’s a bit easier and the Pats have a younger team that can really fly. Discipline could be a concern, but coach Belicheat will keep them in line.

The Jets did everything they could to get the biggest names available to fill out their roster this season to open their new stadium. Whether that’s a good thing or not, we will find out very soon. Trading for troubled, aging players may work in Madden, where ego don’t clash, but seldom in real life. That being said, I find it difficult to see the losses piling up for this team that’s so strong on defence; especially with Darrelle Revis back in the fold. They’ll be a cinch for a wild card spot, if they can’t take out the Pats.

Chad Henne isn’t a big name QB by any stretch, but he has the potential to lead the Dolphins to a strong season. After taking over for the injured Chad Pennington last season, he took the reins of this team and never looked back. This team is capable on defence and innovative on offence. Adding Brandon Marshall also gives them an elite receiver, something that the Dolphins haven’t had since, well, I can’t even remember when.

Patriots 13-3
Jets 12-4 * – Wildcard
Dolphins 10-6
Bills 3-13

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  1. The GIANTS have to be better than the EAGLES !

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