September 9, 2010

Picks for opening kickoff 2010

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

The long-awaited kickoff is finally here. With college football opening last weekend to whet our appetite for pigskin, we finally get delivered the real deal with the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints taking on the team they defeated in the NFC Championship game, the Minnesota Vikings. Let’s break down tonight’s massive tilt and the weekend’s matchups too.

In case you’re new here, the home teams are in CAPS and the lines are straight from Las Vegas.

NEW ORLEANS -4.5 over Minnesota
The Super Bowl champs always win their opener. Since they started opening the season with the champion playing on Thursday night in 2004, the Super Bowl winner is undefeated. Throw in a hurting Brett Favre and an absent Sidney Rice and this sounds like an easy one.

Carolina +7 over GIANTS
The Giants may be opening their new stadium, but the Panthers are getting too many points for my liking. Even with their additions, are we sure that the Giants supposedly deep defensive front-seven is even that good?

Miami -2 over BUFFALO
How the Dolphins are only giving two points to the sad sack Bills, I don’t know. Lucky Miami get their annual Buffalo trip out of the way early and start the season with a win.

Atlanta (pick) over PITTSBURGH
Dennis Dixon might have looked good in his one start against Baltimore last season, but that was more likely an aberration. The Falcons are healthy and ready to fly back to the playoffs this season.

Detroit +7 over CHICAGO
The Lions have the ability to score some points this season and have a pass rush that will surprise many. The Bears offensive line was one of their many weak points last year and could be exposed.

NEW ENGLAND -6 over Cincinnati
The Patriots defence has a chance to be really bad, but their offence has a chance to be really good. As long as Bill Belichick is running things, the team’s weaknesses won’t be getting exposed too much and the strengths will definitely be utilized greatly.

TAMPA BAY -1 over Cleveland
If you get stuck watching this one, I feel bad for you. The snoozer of the week should go to the home side as Kellen Winslow beats his old team.

Denver +1.5 over JACKSONVILLE
Tim Tebow plays against the team that should have drafted him: The Jaguars. At least it means that the game will probably sell out, something you won’t be able to say much for Jags games this season — again.

Indianapolis -3 over HOUSTON
The Colts always trump the Texans. It’s just how it goes. Indy hasn’t lost to Houston since 2006 — and that was the only time the Texans have got the upper hand in this matchup.

TENNESSEE -7 over Oakland
The Raiders will be without Michael Bush, a solid fantasy sleeper until getting injured, and might also be missing QB Jason Campbell. Now, they’ll have to rely on the mercurial Darren McFadden and Bruce Gradkowski to get it done. Not happening.

Green Bay (pick) over PHILADELPHIA
The Packers are going to be a powerhouse this season and won’t have much trouble with Kevin Kolb. This should really be seen as a transition year for Philly, not one to contend in.

San Francisco +1 over SEATTLE
We know that the Seahawks have an awesome home field advantage and particularly noisy crowd, but being favoured over the team that’s the favourite to take the division? Come on.

ST. LOUIS +3.5 over Arizona
This game is the beginning of two eras: The Sam Bradford era in St. Louis and the Derek Anderson era in Arizona. Which one would you rather invest in?

Dallas -3 over WASHINGTON
Donovan McNabb might not play — and if he does he won’t be 100% — and if you seriously want to have your bet potentially riding on Rex Grossman, only then consider the Redskins.

Baltimore +3 over JETS
May people forget that the Jets were nearly out of the playoffs and finished at 9-7 last season. I think this squad of aging all-stars can’t handle the Ravens.

San Diego -5.5 over KANSAS CITY
I’ll never get why the NFL bothers with the late Monday nighter on opening weekend. People on the east coast can’t be staying up to watch a game that starts after 10 p.m. local time. And really, when it’s a matchup like this, why would they want to? Chargers should romp, with holdouts or without them.

Last season: 138-101-4

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