September 10, 2010

NFL 2010 kicks off

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Emotions were high but the score sure wasn’t in last night’s kickoff to the NFL season. The “powerhouse” New Orleans Saints offence could only muster up scoring drives on the first drives of the opening and third quarter, but that turned out to be a enough to top the Vikings.

Heck, the Vikings even missed an extra point; that’s just goes to show you how weird things can happen at any time in the NFL.

That extra point and missed field goal by Garrett Hartley were either great or stomach-punch moments for gamblers out there. While the line we played was at 4.5, many were at 5, meaning this game goes down as a push. But, if either of the two kickers hadn’t choked, it wouldn’t have been a tie, obviously.

Fantasy-wise, it was also an underwhelming performance. Pierre Thomas and Vinsanthe Shiancoe were the best plays, notching 13 points each while Drew Brees had an un-inspired 12.

So, with the big Sunday kickoffs around the corner, let’s just recap my picks for the season and throw out my big winners.

NFC playoff teams
East: Dallas
North: Green Bay
South: Atlanta
West: San Francisco
Wildcard: New Orleans
Wildcard: Minnesota

NFC playoff teams
East: New England
North:  Baltimore
South: Colts
West: San Diego
Wildcard: New York Jets
Wildcard: Pittsburgh

NFC championship: Green Bay over New Orleans
AFC championship: Baltimore over Pittsburgh
Super Bowl: Green Bay over Baltimore

MVP: Aaron Rodgers, GB
Offensive player: Drew Brees, NWO
Defensive player: Darrelle Revis, NYJ
Offensive rookie: Ryan Matthews, SD
Defensive rookie: Ndamukong Suh, DET

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