September 14, 2010

NFL doubleheader of doom

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

In the two games last night, we saw one QB throw for 68 yards and another for 74 yards. The first won, the second lost. The Monday Night Football doubleheader really couldn’t have featured more opposite games. One was a hard-hitting defensive battle while the other was more about the miscues than anything.

It seemed like San Diego’s Phillip Rivers spent the majority of his rain-soaked night in Kansas City trying to find a man who hadn’t already slipped or was being ravaged at the line by up to three defenders, like Antonio Gates was. I’ll saw this: That sort of treatment could not have happened if not for Vincent Jackson’s holdout/suspension.

Say what you want about Legedu Naanee’s performance (5 catches for 110 yards and a TD), but both he and Malcolm Floyd couldn’t hang on to key catches on the Chargers last gasp drive to try to tie the game. San Diego might not be so quick to trade Jackson now.

In the earlier game, you couldn’t have asked for a better defensively played match. The Ravens and Jets put on an absolute clinic of how to defend both run and pass, stifling each other at every turn. It’s just too bad that the Jets couldn’t keep the officials flags in their pockets. You just cannot expect to win a game when you are penalized 14 times for 125 yards.

If there was anybody out there who believed that Mark Sanchez could actually lead his team on a game-winning drive that started on his own 13 with 1:37 remaining in the game, well, you’re probably drinking the Green Kool-Aid. He would have had to more-than-double his yards thus far in the game to even get close to field goal range. Maybe he’s not really their answer.

And what was up with Dustin Keller running out of bounds a clear yard short of the first-down marker? Great awareness buddy.

Last night: 1-1
This week: 9-7

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