September 20, 2010

Faltering contenders

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Two supposed contenders in the NFC have gotten off to some pretty rough starts. Both the Vikings and Cowboys are now 0-2 and have lost their games without really showing too much potential to be great.

Dallas simply can’t block for Tony Romo or make holes for Marion Barber and Felix Jones to run through. It’s disappointing that we knew this offensive line wouldn’t be very good throughout the off-season, but the team did nothing to address this fact besides bringing in the incompetent Alex Barron, who singlehandedly cause the Week 1 loss.

Minnesota’s problem is that they simply look lost. Brett Favre has clearly regressed to playing like the 40-year-old man that he is. Sunday’s loss was his first at home as a Viking and it’s hard to believe that there won’t be more of those. The Vikes are considering dealing for Vincent Jackson, which at least give them a super-reliable target until if/when Sidney Rice returns, but that only solves the receiver problem. The guy throwing to him still has to get into a time machine.

Of the two squads, Dallas is in a bit better position, since the other teams in its division are all sitting at 1-1. Minnesota is now two games back of both Chicago and Green Bay, who should be quite hard to catch.

This week: 11-4 (with NWO -6 tonight)
This season: 20-11

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