September 27, 2010

Comeback kids of the NFC

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Remember those two struggling NFC supposed-to-be-contenders that we talked about last week? Well they both finally won their first games of the season. One looked much more legit than the other though, because they were able to dismantle a darling team on their home turf.

Yes, I’m talking about God’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys – why else do you think they put that hole in the roof?  They showed everything that they can be against the Texans, whose offence couldn’t be stopped so far this season. Dallas showed they can run the ball, create turnovers and play defence, especially on third downs. The only TD they allowed came in garbage time and all it really did was keep Kevin Walter fantasy owners from getting shutout. Also, we already knew the Boys could pass, but who knew that Roy Williams had a performance like that in him? If he can do half of what he did every game from here on out, the Boys could be a juggernaut that’s just starting to roll. But let’s just see if they can keep this up through a bye week.

Minnesota, on the other hand, beat up on the Detroit Lions, who are quickly regressing from a team that can stand and trade punches back to a punching bag. Adrian Peterson ran wild on Detroit and they completely forgot to cover Percy Harvin on one play. Wasn’t this defence supposed to be improved? The best news for Minnesota this week, combined with this win, is that Chicago and Green Bay play each other tonight, meaning one of them won’t be walking out of MNF undefeated.

It looks like Andy Reid made the right move by going with Mike Vick this week. Although, the Jaguars didn’t put up too much of a fight against them. Let’s see what he can do against a contender and then make our judgements on this polarizing decision.

Finally, after another week of the media beating them around, the NFC West actually showed up. Three of the four teams won and the loser was the predicted division champ San Francisco. The Rams topped the Redskins, the Cardinals squeaked one out against Oakland – who really should have hit that field goal – and the Seahawks had a superb defensive game against San Diego. All three of these teams are now one step closer to ensuring that their division doesn’t make history by sending a sub-.500 team to the playoffs, which I’m sure is a dream of theirs.

This week: 8-7 (With Packers -3 tonight)
This season: 20-12

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