October 4, 2010

Can the Rams win the West?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

At the beginning of this season, I would have thought it a big long shot, but after watching the handle division rival Seattle on Sunday, I’m starting to buy into Sam Bradford’s crew. Now, I’m not going as far as to say they will make the playoffs – and would most likely be a double-digit underdog at home – but when a division looks bad enough that a team going 7-9 could win it, why not pick an underdog that’s currently at 2-2?

St. Louis even ended their horrendous streak of losing division games at home, something that has haunted them for seasons. And now, with an actual crowd backing them, their home turf could turn into a valuable advantage when teams come in.

From now on, I’m going to be keeping one eye on Sam Bradford’s performance, and I may even grab him in a fantasy league or two. He could start paying off sooner than anyone expected.

Another thing that I would like to bet on: The Bills having the worst record in the league. If you watched anything that happened yesterday, you would probably agree with that statement. It might even be worth it to check out the line on them going winless. Yes, this team is that bad.

This week: 7-6 (with Miami tonight)
This season: 35-26

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