October 14, 2010

Why the wait, MLB?

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Major League Baseball, you’ve gotten yourself into a very close two-horse race for being the worst-run league in all of pro sports with the National Hockey League.
Want some back story about that comment? All that you have to do is check the schedule for the League Championship Series.
You would figure that after having the Braves-Giants series end on Monday, San Francisco would be playing before Friday. Three days off if is a ridiculous amount of time for a league to schedule between playoff rounds.
And it’s the same in the American League too. After closing out the Rays on Tuesday night, the Rangers get a three-day break before going against the Yankees on Saturday!
And what about the two teams that swept their wild card opponents? Well when the Yankees take the field on Saturday, they will have been off for an entire week. That’s right; they wrapped their previous series the previous Saturday. The Phillies aren’t so privileged since they finished their sweep of the Reds on Sunday and have the earlier series start on Friday.
Why would this league, nay sport, risk losing all of their moment from a memorable wild card round by putting a two-day break between games? Over the entire season, there was never two entire days without games. Even over the all-star break at least there’s the mid-summer classic – and the home run derby, if you’re picky – which is technically a meaningful game. It makes no sense to put this break in when there’s other sports to steal attention.
And if you think this is going to get better, it’s not. The World Series schedule is already out and it looks like even there’s a sweep, the first game is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 27. A) Yes, it’s that late in the month and B) Even if the Phillies and Giants go to Game 7, that game will be the Sunday before and give the winner at least two days off.
Heck, if the Yankees sweep, they’ll have a week and a day off.
Why are schedules made this far ahead? It’s not like tickets can officially be sold when you don’t know which teams are going to be involved in the World Series.
Come on Bud Selig, when Gary Bettman gains some ground on you, you’re obviously not doing a good job. We shouldn’t be kept waiting for these great matchups to start when the weather’s getting colder and more seasonal sports are in full flight.

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