October 15, 2010

Concussed QBs and picks for NFL Week Six

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

It’s Week 6 in the NFL and we’ve already seen a ton of starting QBs get injured. Look around the league and we’ve seen Jay Cutler, and Kevin Kolb and now Aaron Rodgers be hit with concussions. We’ve also seen Mike Vick, Matt Stafford and two Browns QBs miss some time – and that’s just to name a few.

How could this problem possibly be solved by adding games? Every time one of these stars goes down, the league should get a harsh reminder at how easy it is to get injured when 300 pound guys are rushing at mainly stationary targets at full speed.

Concussions are especially scary due to the nature of the injury. Could imagine suffering a bruised brain and been sent back into a game while still rattled? At least the NFL is trying to stop that from happening by forcing independent tests on concussed players, but as we’ve seen with cases like Shawn Bradley earlier this season for the Eagles, not every concussed player is stopped from re-entering the game.

So while they’re trying to stop injured players from sustaining further injuries, nothing is being done to prevent them from happening. Even something as small as a double-sided mouth guard can prevent a concussion. How about making players keep their chin straps on tight, making sure that helmets can’t fly off. The league could mandate players to wear newer concussion-reducing helmets, also. But how about perhaps this for a huge unconscious adaption: Stop praising huge hits to the head!

I would say it’s time for the NFL to crack down on not just injuries, but specifically concussions, but they should have started that years ago. Protecting your players should be something the league always strives for, not just when injuries become an epidemic.

Anyways, on to the picks. The  lines are from Vegas and the home teams are in CAPS

ST. LOUIS +8.5 over San Diego
The Chargers are awful on the road, but will probably win a close one here. Whatever will the Rams do without Mark Clayton!? I’m sure they’ll get by.

Kansas City -4.5 over HOUSTON
Andre Johnson is limping around, the offensive line can’t block and the Chiefs haven’t looked bad yet this season.

Baltimore +3 over NEW ENGLAND
The post-Randy Moss era begins with a visit from perhaps the toughest team in the league. Taking away their best deep threat and having hardly any rushing game will kill the Pats.

TAMPA BAY +4.5 over New Orleans
The Buccaneers defence has looked very good thus far and the Saints offence hasn’t, especially when trying to go deep.

Atlanta +3 over PHILADELPHIA
The Eagles couldn’t drive a stake into the heart of the 0-5 Niners, how could they against the superior Falcons?

NEW YORK GIANTS -10 over Detroit
The Lions simply cannot compete on the road and should get destroyed by the suddenly hot Giants.

CHICAGO -6.5 over Seattle
With Jay Cutler ready to return, the Bears will get big boost to their passing game, which was non-existent last week.

Miami over GREEN BAY (No line)
 Since we don’t know if Aaron Rodgers is playing yet, it’s pretty hard to make this pick. The drop off from Rodgers to Matt Flynn is a huge one.
PITTSBURGH -14 over Cleveland
Big Ben comes back for the Steelers and Colt McCoy starts for the Browns. Plus, Pittsburgh comes off a bye. This should be an absolute crushing.

New York Jets -3 over DENVER
If it wasn’t for the rain on Monday night, I think the Jets would have handled the Vikings a bit better. The Broncos can sure pass the ball, but a one-dimensional team won’t beat this defence.

Oakland +6.5 over SAN FRANCISCO
It’s time for The Battle of Bay and who would have thought that the 49ers would be the winless ones? San Fran is still getting too much respect from Vegas.

MINNESOTA -1.5 over Dallas
These two teams met in the playoffs last season and the Vikes whupped the Boys. It won’t be that bad this time, but I’ll take the home team.

Indianapolis -3 over WASHINGTON
The Skins have been playing teams tough so far, but the Colts — and Peyton Manning — refuse to lose in Prime Time games.

JACKSONVILLE +3 over Tennessee
Following the Titans current lose-win-lose-win trend on this one. They’re consistent if anything.

Last week: 7-6-1
This season: 42-33-1

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