October 18, 2010

Break out the NFL firing squads

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, it’s time to be put out to the pasture. These are clearly two coaches who need to be relieved of their duties by their teams. The Cowboys and Chargers, respectively, should not be sitting at the bottom of their divisions. These are two squads that are talented enough to have been considered Super Bowl contenders, but have superbly stumbled out of the gate, while not even having an injury crisis to point at.

The Cowboys look like nearly as undisciplined as the Raiders of recent years – and that’s saying something huge. As much as anyone can hate on the excessive celebration rule, it is in fact, a rule and must be followed. The Cowboys have picked up two of those 15-yard penalties in two weeks. Dumb penalties kill teams, just look at the holding call in Week 1 that literally cost the Cowboys that game.

The defence, which Phillips coordinates, also hasn’t been creating turnovers, causing the offence more pressure. When you get a takeaway or two in a game, it creates a short field and you’re not forcing Romo and Co. to drive 80+ yards for a score.

Special teams has plagued the Boys too, another sign that the coaches aren’t working hard enough. But if you’re going to pin a team’s failures on special teams, then you have to start talking about the San Diego Chargers. These guys have already allowed four special teams TDs, including a blocked kick TD. And it isn’t like they have come against good teams either, the Raiders abused them!

This is also a team that looks terrible whenever it goes on the road. Shouldn’t a coach with Turner’s winning record by able to coach up a team to play in a hostile environment? Seems like that would be a class in the first year of coaching college.

Turner and Phillips have lost their teams and worn out their welcomes. It’s time to send them packing and bring in a real coach for these stacked teams that lack direction. Does anyone have Bill Cowher’s phone number?

This week: 6-5-2 (With JAX +3 tonight)
This season: 48-38-3

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