October 21, 2010

Two teams on the brink

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

So, that supposed rematch of last year’s World Series is about this close to not happening. Apparently the Rangers and Giants didn’t get that memo. After last night’s ninth-inning comeback, the Giants have pushed the Phillies to the brink and now hold 3-1 series lead with Game 5 going tonight in San Francisco.

It’s not like the Phillies have an ace in the hole either, their supposed superior lineup is being neutralized by the Giants great pitching. The Phils ace, Roy Halladay is capable of dominating tonight’s game, but he’s facing Tim Lincecum, who might even be better than Doc. These two guys had an amazing matchup in Game 1 and should pitch the lights out in Game 5. We’ll really get to see how Doc does in the biggest game that he has ever pitched.

Then there’s the Yankees – also with their heels on the edge of the cliff – who looked like they finally pulled it together last night in the Bronx. Fighting to avoid elimination, CC Sabathia pitched a strong game and the Yankees bats came alive to conquer the Rangers. It wasn’t too hard to see New York win the game from the beginning. When the pitching matchup is a Cy Young contender against C.J. Wilson, a converted reliever who has had a good season, but nothing spectacular.

And what were the chances that the Yanks would be swept at home? Not likely. Now they have to not only win two games on the road, but also beat the Yankee killer Cliff Lee in Game 7, should it go that far.

So can the two favourites come back and give us the World Series rematch? I don’t think so. There’re just too many obstacles in the way, especially for the Phillies. I don’t think there can be a way they hit the Giants’ marvellous pitching, even if they have some aces of their own. At least with New York, they can take Game 6 against Colby Lewis and then hope that Cliff Lee falters, which is quite unlikely.

So much for those favourites.

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