October 22, 2010

Dumb defenders and NFL Week 7 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

I used to believe that defensive players were some of the smartest on the field, but after this week, I’m not so sure.
First, just think about the mental dexterity required on both sides of the ball. The QB may be the most psychological of all players, but everybody else is essentially executing a designed play. There’s not much adaption for a running back that basically gets the ball, looks for a hole then tries to burst through it. For defenders, every one of the 11 guys has to recognize what type of play is being run and react to it. Defensive backs have to adjust their zones to what receivers are running, linebackers have to know when what backs are doing and when they’re coming out of the backfield. Defence is a lot more cerebral than you think.
But now, after the NFL smartly and correctly announced they would start suspending players for dangerous hits, defenders were outraged. Do they not realize that in helmet-to-helmet collisions, both combatants risk suffering concussions? Look at Dunta Robinson’s hit on DeSean Jackson; both players were forced out of the game with concussions.
It is absolutely ridiculous that a player like James Harrison of the Steelers can lay out two Browns with hits to the head and walk away without a flag. Sure he has been fined, but $75,000 is nothing to a person who makes millions per year.
Harrison even said that he tries to hurt people. How is that not another fine? The Dolphins’ Channing Crowder insists that he’ll continue using his helmet as a weapon as long as he’s wearing one. Linebackers Joey Porter and Ray Lewis have both questioned where the game of football is going.
Don’t these get that the game of football is going in a safer direction? One that is beneficial to all players. This game is no longer about the caveman instincts of trying to hit someone as hard as you can. It’s about being smart enough to hit a guy in the right spot and keep everyone on the field in one piece. This new rule will not make the sport any less manly – like most defenders think – it’s making this sport a better product, so we, the fans, don’t have to see seven guys carted off the field in one Sunday afternoon.

The lines are straight from Vegas and the home teams are in CAPS

Pittsburgh -3 over MIAMI
The Steelers are just too good for an above-average Miami squad. Big Ben is a big improvement at QB for them.

ATLANTA -3.5 over Cincinnati
The Falcons hit a bump in the road last week, but Carson Palmer is capable of sinking his squad.

KANSAS CITY (-9) over Jacksonville
I don’t know how the Jaguars have three wins, but I’m sure that starting Trent Edwards won’t be the way to add another.

Philadelphia +3 over TENNESSEE
Losing DeSean Jackson is a big blow to the Eagles passing game, but it’s no reason to bet against them when Vince Young should be missing for the Titans

CHICAGO -3 over Washington
The Bears have a really good passing offence and the Redskins have one of the worst passing defences. Jay Cutler could throw for

NEW ORLEANS -13.5 over Cleveland
The Saints got their juggernaut offence rolling last week, no need to think that won’t continue with Cleveland in town.

Buffalo +13 over BALTIMORE
Ryan Fitzpatrick is a decent enough of a passer to score a late garbage time TD to cover this big of line. But I wouldn’t call this a lock.

CAROLINA +3 over San Francisco
The Panthers may rank 31st or 32nd in this league, but they have to at least win one game, right?

St. Louis +2.5 over TAMPA BAY
The Bucs were thoroughly exposed last weekend while the Rams showed they can win without the resurgent Mark Clayton.

SEATTLE -5.5 over Arizona
The Seahawks are a very frisky team at home and the Cardinals are about to fall back to the reality that an undrafted rookie not named Kurt Warner is their QB.

SAN DIEGO -3 over New England
The Chargers are excellent at home and are nearly in must-win territory. The Patriots don’t travel west so well.

Oakland +8.5 over DENVER
The Raiders are capable of playing a close game and the Broncos can only really pass the ball. Too many points to pass up.

Minnesota +3 over GREEN BAY
Brett Favre just isn’t going to lose to the Packers. Throw in all of Green Bay’s injuries and this one might not even be close.

DALLAS -3 over New York Giants
This right here is do-or-die, must-win for Dallas and I expect them to come through. The Giants will put up a fight, but the Cowboys will be victorious.

This week: 6-6-2
This season: 48-39-3

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