November 3, 2010

It’s time for LeBron to shut up

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

I am getting sick and tired of this guy. He’s supposed to be a superstar but he’s acting more like a superbaby. This guy is LeBron James.
Before last night’s game against Minnesota, Princess James was asked about Anthony Tolliver’s mocking of “The Decision,” to which James replied, “We play Minnesota twice,” and then walked away. Now, you would think that would mean the supposed best player in the league would take some vengeance on the poor guy on the court, right? Nope.
LeBron put up numbers that, quite frankly, you would expect from him (20-8-12). Sure, the Heat won by 32 but for both of these lines, shouldn’t we be expecting more from a super team playing against the worst team in the league? I certainly do.
When it comes to situations like this one, if you’re going to call out a guy or a team, you better back it up. LeBron has been crying about tweets he’s getting, people mocking “The Decision” and just generally how people have been treated him since he jammed a knife into the back of the city he grew up in.
It’s time for him to man up and shut up. He’s going to be mocked. He’s going to be insulted. Heartbroken fans are going to send him mean-spirited tweets. He has to learn to deal with these situations and learn to deal with them like a grown up.
The next time a no-name player mocks “The Decision,” laugh it off LeBron! You’ve already admitted you made a mistake doing it, so why not laugh at yourself a bit? If you’re not going to do that, you better at least back up your words because there’s nothing worse than a crybaby who tries to act big and fails.
LeBron James, grow up.


  1. magic shoulda calmed down that off season chatter – they just got whooped.. wow!

  2. Alright well Spo has just a little time left before Pat comes downstairs to the court.

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