November 5, 2010

The Randy Moss thing and NFL Week 9 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

When was the last time that a guy went from being an all-pro to playing on three teams in the same season? Has this ever happened, or is Randy Moss in a league of his own – again. The guy has gone from New England to Minnesota to Tennessee and didn’t do much at either of the first two stops.
He simply just keeps talking his way out of town and he’s not gaining any respect – something he craves – by doing it this way.

So will this stop on the crazy Randy Moss Tour work out? There’s actually a pretty good shot that it will. The Titans have never had a receiver quite like Moss and could really use a deep threat that requires double coverage on every play. This will either free up Chris Johnson better to do his thing or teams will be allowing Moss to burn them.

So let’s see how Moss adjusts to digesting his third playbook of the season and how quickly he can develop chemistry with Vince Young. If it happens quickly, watch out league.

The lines are from Vegas and the home teams are in CAPS
BUFFALO +3 over Chicago *- At Toronto
Wouldn’t it be sad for fans of the Bills if the only game they can win this season is “at home” in Toronto?
San Diego -3 over HOUSTON
It’s about time for the Chargers’ mid-season turnaround to begin and what better time than against a Houston team that’s poor against the pass and coming off a short week.
New Orleans -6.5 over CAROLINA
The Saints and Panthers played a close one earlier this season, but New Orleans is finally rolling on offence and the defence has really come together.
Arizona +8 over MINNESOTA
What part of the Vikes offence scares you most? Injured Brett Favre, departed Randy Moss, uncertain Percy Harvin or Adrian Peterson, who stunk against the Cards last season?
Tampa Bay +8.5 over ATLANTA
Aren’t the Bucs doing well enough to earn some respect? Apparently not and I’ll jump on this, thinking a divisional game will likely be close.
New York Jets -4 over DETROIT
In their past 36 games, the Lions are 2-0 against the Skins and 2-32 against everyone else. The Jets are somebody else.
BALTIMORE -5 over Miami
The Dolphins are yet to lose on the road, but haven’t faced a challenge like going into Baltimore yet.
New England -4.5 over CLEVELAND
I don’t care that the Browns are playing well, the Patriots are one of the best teams in the league and Bill Belichick hates Eric Mangini.
SEATTLE +7 over New York Giants
The Seahawks have the biggest home field advantage in the league and I’m not sure the Giants aren’t a smoke and mirrors team.
Kansas City +2.5 over OAKLAND
If you love old school rushing football, watch this game. Oakland hasn’t shown they can stop the run yet, a big disadvantage here.
PHILADELPHIA +3 over Indianapolis
The return of Mike Vick and possible return of DeSean Jackson should put the Eagles over the Colts, especially with Philly coming off a bye.
GREEN BAY -8 over Dallas
Do you really expect Jon Kitna to keep it close on the road in a night game? I’m a fan and I don’t.
Pittsburgh -4.5 over CINCINNATI
Who is more likely to get a fine resulting from this game: James Harrison or Terrell Owens? Since T.O. likely won’t score, I’d go with the late-hitting linebacker.
Last week: 6-6-1
This season: 61-52-4

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