November 8, 2010

The ever-embarrassing Cowboys

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

This whole season is getting more and more ridiculous and embarrassing for the Dallas Cowboys by the day. Last night’s absolute beat down laid upon them by the Green Bay Packers was probably rock bottom, but then again, in a season of lows for this team, who knows how deeper they can spiral.
One thing is for certain though, Wade Phillips has to go. It’s an amazing achievement that he hasn’t been canned yet. If the last straw wasn’t last night’s debacle, I’m not sure what it will take for Jerry Jones to drop the axe.
One play last night in particular was especially egregious: The fumbled kick off that was returned for a touchdown. The Cowboys returner was clearly down when the ball popped out and, even if it was a close call, it should have been challenged. Any time there’s a fumble on a kickoff return, it is can be a huge momentum switch and it has to be challenged. At that point, it could stand to reason that Wade Phillips wasn’t paying any attention to the game.
There wasn’t much, if anything that was redeemable about the Boys performance last night, or the week before for that matter. Something has to change and it’s a lot harder to fire 53 players than it is the one guy who is supposed to be running the show.

This week: 7-4-1
This season: 68-56-5

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