November 10, 2010

Playing through malaria

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

There’s something to be said for athletes playing through pain and illness, but we might have just witnessed something truly remarkable in terms of guts and endurance. Since when has there ever been a guy who has played through malaria? Well, that’s what Chelsea striker Didier Drogba did this past weekend and has just now recovered his fitness.
To suffer from a disease that kills millions of people per year and still suit up and play in one of the toughest football leagues in the world really says something about how tough Drogba is. He may not have played the entire game against Liverpool – prior to which he complained about the fever that turned out to be said malaria – but the fact that he dressed was stunning.
Now it’s kind of understandable why he couldn’t really get his game going in his team’s second loss of the season.
He already played through a broken arm at the World Cup this past summer and now this? You can complain about his diva-like attitude, but you can never complain about Drogba’s toughness now.

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