November 16, 2010

Vick > McNabb

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Do you think that the Washington Redskins are already regretting that five-year, $70-million deal (that could potentially be worth $88 million) that they signed Donovan McNabb to? I’m quite sure that after last night’s beat down they suffered on Monday Night Football, they have to be.

It may not be McNabb’s fault that the Skins defence looked like a sieve, but what should have really clicked in for Washington’s management and fans is that the guy torching them, Michael Vick, is a free agent after this season.

Vick proved over and over again last night that he is superior to McNabb in every way. His poise in the pocket, his game-breaking ability with the run and even his passing skills look more polished than McNabb.

The biggest factor I would weigh the two by is there age, though. The Redskins just signed a 34-year-old QB to a five year pact. Vick is only 30 and should surely fare better than McNabb in the next few seasons as the former Eagles QB continues his very apparent decline.

Note: News has surfaced that if McNabb is released after this season, he will only make $3.75 million. You have to admit that maybe McNabb isn’t out of the woods yet and could still hit the market next spring.

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