November 22, 2010

Manning throws it away

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Peyton Manning showed off his usual clutch form again yesterday in New England. He was truly in playoff shape, throwing a terrible interception to seal the game for the Patriots late in the fourth quarter, when overtime was looming.

To set it up, in case you haven’t seen it, Manning and the Colts were down by three with time winding down in the fourth quarter. After getting the ball, they started moving down the field, getting into field goal range for Adam Vinitieri, one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history. But, instead of continuing down the field with some short passes after a tie game was essentially clinched, Manning decided to take a shot down field.

Now, you would figure that Manning would know when to do this, which receiver to go to and wouldn’t place his team in any unwanted risk. All of those statements were false on this pass. Manning throw into double coverage, to a receiver that broke off his route as the ball was being thrown and there was another receiver on a crossing route underneath that was open.

It was a straight up case of a QB blowing in and that isn’t something you really come to expect from a future hall of famer like Manning. He’s one of the most cerebral pivots in the game and this time he outthought himself.

Colts fans should better be hoping that this is just his way of working out the jitters and the chokes before the post-season rolls around.

This week: 8-5 (with SD -10 tonight)
This season: 86-70-5

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  1. I just linked your site to my football forum page. Your picks are kicking ass this year.

    I took your advice bout imagining the spread before it’s released and I’m 18-11 since. Thanks again bro & I’m with you tonite on San Diego

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