December 7, 2010

New England: No. 1, without a doubt

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

So, after Monday night’s severe beat down and after Sunday night’s uber-close game, I think that we’ve settled who the best team in the NFL is, undisputedly. Yes, the New England Patriots are clearly the cream of the crop and the Jets sure looked like pretenders over the contender we previously thought they’d be. When any team gets walloped by 42 points, even on the road and even by a division leader, you just can’t take them seriously.
Really, we should have seen the signs leading up to be last night’s lashing. The Jets just couldn’t put away the inferior teams that they beat up on in recent weeks, did we really think they could play with these juggernaut Patriots? This should have been a lot easier to call.
On the other hand, the Steelers and Ravens showed they’re pretty much on the same level, playing out their fourth three-point contest in a row. The game went right down to the wire and, while it wasn’t exactly up for grabs because both teams were playing it so tight, there was a definite feeling that it could end with either brawler on top.
The one thing to take away from these two games is that there are three top contenders in the AFC and you’re not going to want to meet them come January. As for the Jets, they have to do something to establish themselves back in this race. And really, do you believe that Mark Sanchez can be the type of leader to do that?

This week: 7-9-0
This season: 101-87-5

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