December 9, 2010

Boston buying the World Series

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Not even a week after trading away four prospects for slugging first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and reportedly agreeing with him on a contract extension that will give him about $20 million per season, the Red Sox were at it again and splashed some big money at a big free agent.
The Boston Red Sox have reportedly signed former Rays left fielder Carl Crawford to a $142-million, seven-year deal, taking the best remaining hitter off the market.
The price of over $20 million per season may seem high, but Red Sox ownership can thank their colleagues in Washington for driving up the price of free agent outfielders by inking Jayson Werth to a ridiculous contract. If Werth hadn’t gotten his $126-million deal, there’s no way that Crawford could have gotten as much as he did. In fact, I would’ve bet that Crawford would have gotten Werth’s deal if the Nats had splashed that ridiculous amount of cash.
The signing of Crawford may be bad news for one person with the Red Sox right now though; Jacoby Ellsbury should be on the trading block when you consider that Crawford plays the same position and is basically the type of prototypical speed player.
Now this has to mean that the Yankees will end up splurging for Cliff Lee. I mean, with their chief rival snapping up two big left-handed bats, there’s no way they can’t grab a lefty ace like Lee.

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