December 20, 2010

Sunny day in Philly, chilly day in NYC

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Why didn’t he just kick it out of bounds? That has to be the most common refrain from Giants fans today after punter Chris Dodge let DeSean Jackson return a punt for a touchdown to seal the Eagles incredible fourth-quarter comeback on Sunday.

Of course, the other common question that will be asked is how could a supposedly sturdy defence like New York’s give up so many points so quickly? 28 points in 7:28? Are you kidding me? I know that the Eagles have an explosive offence with Michael Vick, Jackson et al, but that was ridiculous.

After this game, if the Giants don’t go on a post-season run, it might be time to let coach Tom Coughlin go; his players clearly aren’t listening to him. SI’s Peter King pointed out that Coughlin had instructed Dodge to kick the ball out of bounds and reamed him out after the game for his failure. On the onside kick after Brent Celek’s TD – which should never have happened if Kenny Phillips makes a proper tackle – Coughlin had instructed his forward guys to watch for the onside kick, yet they still retreated when David Akers pooched the ball. And where was the contain on Vick’s big runs? How could that have not been game planned for with a spy?

Well, it’s looking pretty sunny in Philadelphia today, now that the Eagles have the inside track to win the NFC East and possibly snag a bye week in the playoffs. And they’ll be playing hard for it too; it’s something I’m sure their ailing players would greatly appreciate.

This week: 9-5 (plus Chi -8 over MIN)
This season: 118-97-5

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