December 28, 2010

The NFL needs to man up

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Really? A little winter weather kept one of the supposedly manliest leagues from playing a game on Sunday night? I don’t care how many inches of snow there was forecasted, the Eagles and the Vikings should have taken the field on Sunday night, even if there were no fans that were loyal enough to brave the elements.
I can understand the concerns for the safety of the fans, but this is setting a dangerous precedent. If a blizzard can cancel a game, we could be heading for more postponements in the future. While it can’t possible get to baseball’s level, where some simple rain can halt a game, we might never get a chance to see a classic like the Tuck Rule Game or the Ice Bowl.
The elements are one of the things that make football games great. Having attended a game that featured 60 mile per hour gusts of wind and rain, I can tell it’s not the most pleasurable experience, or highest quality of play, but damn does it get interesting.
This week: 9-6 (with Philly -14.5 tonight)
This season: 128-103-5

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