December 29, 2010

Nobody cares about Favre

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Note to Just because the NFL announced that Brett Favre will be fined for failing to cooperate in the whole mess with Jets hottie Jenn Sterger, it doesn’t deserve to be plaster on your front page with the red “BREAKING NEWS” banner.

Does anybody really care about this situation, or anything to do with Favre anymore? As Joe Webb showed us on Tuesday night while upsetting the Eagles, the Favre era is over and he should be left in the past.

When I see that red breaking news banner, I immediately think something big happened. Like A-Rod getting busted for steroids or a massive trade. Or even the death of a prominent sportsperson, like George Steinbrenner’s passing. Nobody cares that Favre’s wallet is a mere $50,000 lighter.

By the way, that fine is a joke. This guy is earning around $13 million this season alone and has banked over $100M in his illustrious career. While a fine like that would bankrupt your average family, it equates to .003% of his salary. Will he even notice it missing? was smart enough not to break out its own massive version of a BREAKING NEWS banner. They simply put it at the top of the queue on their top stories. Well played I must say.

The only time I want to see a breaking news banner for Favre from here on out is when he finally retires – for real. And if he comes back, let’s not even placate him by reporting it. It would be the biggest joke in sports history.

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